Our process starts withe the site evaluation, available roof space, building facades, structural consideration and available state and federal rebates. Our whole process is designed for the seamless integration of renewable systems to the buildings electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems optimizing energy production while reducing energy consumption


We have designed and implemented hundred of different energy projects all over the world and always been at the forefront of available technology. We work with architects, designers and home owners to come with the a design that is most suitable to their applications and needs.  Our team takes care of all necessary  energy, structural, and mechanical calculations producing permit plan set that comply with all building codes and as a result sails through building departments all over the country. 

Properly installed renewable systems require a well trained crew that is versed in variety of disciplines like electrical, mechanical, structural and control. Over the years we have developed a few crews of experts in specializing in building and Aquatic centers energy reduction and renewable energy. We specify and use the finest components available on the market delivering a turn key working system and facilitate customer service and warranty post instillation.  

We remotely monitor, data log and track all our system using our cloud based energy management control system. Any time a system key parameter or production capacity is out of range we automatically get notified by the system. Our relationships with our customers continue well after the warranty period ends. Our customers can access their systems data  or control panel at any time to control or change activity from any smart device. 

The process of applying for rebate is cumbersome and lengthy. As part of our mission we  work with our customers to facilitate manage and conduct rebate reservations for any available utilities rebate available. From equipment rebates for boilers, VFDs, energy efficiency measurements to solar rebates, we take care of the process from beginning to end including any data logging, reports and inspections until the rebate check is received. 

Here at Lodi Unified School District we have one of the TEK controllers that uses the remote access. We have had ours in use at our 50-meter pool for nearly four years. It has made event schedule changes easy and gives us the ability to make speed changes to our VFD drive on the filter pump from remote locations as well as locally. It also allows us to monitor the pools performance from anywhere that has internet access. We will be looking to utilize this system on our other three facilities in the future.

Tim Edsell


Mechanical Systems Supervisor

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