Maktinta's Smart Energy Management System (SEMS)  has a few important layers

Read System Inputs -  The SEMS constantly compile a stream of real-time data coming from multitude of equipment or  system  sensors into its  on-board computer. The data is presented on a simple to read  dashboard accessible from anywhere via smart device  for complete visibility and control.

Supported Sensors

Any sensor with standard output (4-20mA/ resist / 0-30V/ Pulse/ Modbus RTU )​

  • Temperature

  • Flow

  • Fluid Levels

  • Pressure

  • ORP / PH

  • Conductivity

  • Level sensors 

  • Wind speed

  • Ampere for energy generation / consumption

  • CO2  

  • Light sensors

Dashboard      - Data collected is presented in an easy to understand dashboard that presents the system status in a glance. The dashboard comes with a menu of icons and gadgets making it easy to personalize by the customer to  meet the ever changing needs or personnel 

Data Analysis      - The data is analyzed by the On-Board PLC software that can make on the fly decision for peak equipment performance  with a clear goal of timing thousands of kWh and millions of BTUs from the customer energy bills resulting in ten of  thousands of dollars in  savings. 

Data Logging     - The data stream is reported to our servers where the important data is saved for future reference and root cause analysis in case of a equipment failure.

Remote Control   - The SEMS allows for authorized personnel to intervene with ease at any time from any internet connected smart device to turn On/Off connected equipment, change temperature range, flow rates,  and many other parameters 

Equipment Scheduling  -  The SEMS allows for easy multiple equipment scheduling to meet ever changing facility schedules and needs. The scheduling procedure can accommodate a complex weekly schedule for maximum savings. A yearly calendar can be incorporated to accommodate for holidays and scheduled shut downs.

Notifications  -  The SEMS pushes notifications via email or text as soon as a monitored parameter is out of range. By keeping 24/7 watch over important system parameters, averting damage to critical and expensive  components is greatly diminished. 

Automated Reports -     An automated periodical reports can be set with ease and emailed to a predetermined email list to show energy usage and any other important aspects of the systems vitals. 

Event Logging     -     The SEMS logs all important events like alarms and communication lost. Each log comes with date time and event  description four future reference 

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