Real time  status with all critical parameters presented on one centralized dashboard with Continuous monitoring of

Temp, pressure, flows, thermostats, pump speeds, boilers, makeup water consumption, PH, ORP, TDS, Humidity, Amps usage, humidity, lights and much more

Control Technology

The EnergyTEK is an industrial controller that supports  a wide variety of  industry Standard devices, sensors and protocols:


Protocols -   ModBus RTU 

Sensors    - Temperature, flow, chemistry, pressure, TDS, fluid level, humidity, conductivity, wind speed, current transducers and more

Devices   - VFDs, actuated Valves, pumps, boilers, chillers, lights, vents and much more  

Remote Control 

Set / adjust pump VFD programs, review daily logs and schedule for multiple daily schedule from any web enabled device.

Set / adjust temp levels for multiple devices, tanks, zones etc.

Set / adjust flow temperature

Set lights on/ off

Control up to 14 outputs  

Set / manage multiple sites from one interface

Set daily, weekly, monthly schedules to save energy to meet operation changing needs

Stay informed at all times 

Custom reports

​Reports distribution via email

Instant notification of any irregular activity

Document all parameters  

Data stored on cloud for future reference


Track energy consumption

Meter electric and gas usage

Meter HVAC & Boiler energy consumption and schedule 

​Meter make up water consumption

Pump speed and energy consumption 

Lights schedule 

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