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Driven by a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Maktinta Energy, under the visionary leadership of Gal Moyal, stands at the intersection of engineering excellence and renewable energy solutions. With over 26 years of pioneering work through Gemtech and Free Hot Water, Gal's journey reflects a relentless pursuit of reducing carbon footprints and optimizing energy use across sectors.

Our mission is clear: "Go Green, Reduce Before Produce". We strive to treat energy as a precious and finite resource, embarking on energy efficiency projects that blend the latest in innovation with cost-effective solutions. This strategy is not just about upgrading infrastructure; it's about rethinking how we consume energy, ensuring a healthier planet with surprisingly short return on investments.

Maktinta Energy offers a full spectrum of services tailored to commercial, multi-family, and industrial projects. Our expertise encompasses energy efficiency, energy generation, and storage solutions, catering to a diverse clientele that includes hotels, multi-family residential complexes, data centers, schools, senior homes, small businesses, commercial pools, construction companies, and developers. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as consultants, focusing on individual projects to major energy efficiency programs aimed at maximizing energy production, efficiency, and minimizing carbon footprint.

Join us in our commitment to a sustainable future, where each project brings us closer to a cleaner, more efficient world.

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