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Commercial Design & Build

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar PV - Solar Hot Water -  Energy Storage - Micro Grid

PV Solar

Empower your business with tailored solar solutions from Makinta Energy. We bridge the gap between commercial properties and sustainable energy, ensuring seamless integration for maximum efficiency. Let’s harness the power of the sun together.

Solar Hot Water

Boost your energy efficiency with Makinta Energy’s solar hot water systems. Designed for spaces with limited roof area, our systems elevate your heating efficiency by 75%, making eco-friendly upgrades seamless and impactful

Off Grid Systems 

Embrace independence with Makinta Energy’s off-grid systems. Our bespoke energy storage solutions offer a pathway to reduce peak demand charges and leverage tax credits, cutting your energy costs and enhancing sustainability.



Maktinta Energy, led by renewable energy pioneer Gal Moyal, is dedicated to transforming the energy landscape with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our mission, "Go Green, Reduce Before Produce," and accessibility to all, drives us to offer comprehensive energy solutions for commercial customers. From energy efficiency to energy generation and storage, to energy independence we cater to a wide range of clients, aiming to reduce energy expense, minimize carbon footprints, and maximize sustainability. Join us as we redefine the way energy is generated, stored, and used for a cleaner, more efficient future. Maktinta Energy provides cutting-edge design build for renewable solutions in California. Our solutions include solar thermal systems, photovoltaic technology, off-grid solutions, and energy storage options to maximize efficiency and sustainability."


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Campbell, CA 95011

Tel: 408-432-9900

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